The Color of Life

White hairs began to appear At just eight years old. My aunt, adorned with fiery red curls Gasped as she spotted the strand That stuck out against the deep Soil brown hair that I had Always had my entire life. “You’re getting old!” She laughed, Though cackle would’ve better Suited it – that’s what Dad […]

I Was Told in a Dream

I was told in a dream that “the best ideas Come to us when we need them most.”  If that’s the case then why is my mind, once a hub Of inspiration and imagination, dulled down to Nothing? I have to force the words out of my finger tips, Find a meaning in the fruitless […]

The Creative’s Corner #3

It’s official – I am done with all of my finals. All of my essays, tests, homework assignments, and even tutoring – all done until the first week of February. Granted, I am still working on my capstone – but that will be ongoing until the end of Spring 2021. This has given me time […]

The Elmo Tree

The endless sea of tall green pine trees had engulfed every aspect of the horizon. With each I passed, ten replaced it. Nothing seemed to change as the forest walls became a monotonous eyesore. I shouldn’t have been so focused on the pines, but rather the destination at hand. Which itself was nothing special, but […]

The Creative’s Corner #2

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week, and are ready for some recovery time. What is something that went really well this week? What is something that you’re grateful for? I’d love to know in the comments below. Next week is my last week of classes before finals – woohoo! This semester […]

4:30 AM

It’s early enough to know that I shouldn’t be awake. There is no light aside from the grocery store night light plugged in by the doorway – casting a comforting orange hue onto the dark purple-painted walls. If I turn my head, the charging light of my lap top will shine in my eyes – […]

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