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Organizing My Bookshelves

On impulse, last night I decided to reorganize my two bookshelves. I think that this had to do with the fact that my second, newer bookcase, wasn’t organized the best. So, I wanted to match them up. This is what I started with:

I reached out to one of my best friends, Mikaela, and asked her how she had her books set up in her room. She sent me a video of how her shelf looked (like the doll she is, going above and beyond per usual), and I decided after some google searches to try out her way.

She organized by two criteria: self-decided genre and author. So, I set out and took all of the books out of my bookshelf and started to separate them out into what I thought their genres were. After, I organized them by author last name on my bookshelf. This was my end result:

And, as much as I tried to like it… I didn’t. I’m one of those people who’s books have to be in height order, and this just did not work for my brain. I liked the system, especially with all like books being together, but I decided to sleep on it and try again tomorrow.

And today is that day! Mikaela, lovely as ever, gave me the suggestion to try and organize by color instead of genre. Since my bookshelves are white, she thought it would be better on the eye (my personal eye, because I did not like the first system). 

I recorded my journey this go around. After taking several minutes to try and figure out how to set up my phone, I set off. If you’re interested to see the whole process, click on the video below!

These were the final results, and I am IN LOVE!

I organized by color (ROYGBIV, plus pink, white, gray, and black) and also by height of the book. This made my book brain very happy – and it was really pretty on the eye.

If you have any tips or tricks for organizing books, leave them in the comments below!

And, if you can’t tell, I have one COMPLETELY empty shelf – so also comment some of your favorite books and I may add them to my collection!

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